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NUXCASE is the most compact and advanced
desktop PC ever created. Cool and affordable.

Easy to take with you to work, friends or even on your travels.

Home and Business

The standard edition works perfect for home and business use. It is simple in its design and uses high-effiecient low sound cooling so you can work in silence.

Extreme gaming

For the real gamer we are offering a NUXCASE designed for real gaming. With built in water cooling and RGB led lights. This one is a beast that takes out any in its class.


Our first promotion video, it showcases the functionalities of the product.

SInce the video was created over a year ago the product quality we have today cannot be compared to the one in the video, even if the campaign was created in April 2018.

The reason why we show this video is to present how far we have been able to get in just 2-3 years time.