nuxcase chassi

A nuxcase for those who want to build their own PC

nuxcase chassi


Chassi for custom PC builds

Estimated delivery 1-2 weeks

instruction manual
nuxcase chassi
PCI express cable for graphics card
x4 dust filters (for each intake)
slide mount for easy assemble
x2 80mm cooling fans

(Mouse not included)

2 year warranty

DIMENSIONS (external)
215x245x110mm (LxHxW)


The case only supports MINI ITX motherboards, ITX graphics card with a maximum length of 195mm and FlexATX power supplies.

Max PSU dimensions: 85x50x200mm (WxHxL)
Max CPU cooler height: 49mm

All orders will be posted on our instagram and you will be able to follow the manufacturing process of your case using #nuxcase_ordernumber (example nuxcase_1234)

Updates/orders will be posted regularly on workdays (monday-friday) starting from 10th of October 2018.

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Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 220 x 108 x 245 mm

White, Black, Gray, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Dark wood

After 10th of October 2018 you will be able to follow the manufacturing process on our instagram using your ordernumber

Everything is assembled on a mount that easily slide into the case