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High demand


Many orders at the same time


We have worked really hard this past week to be able to catch up on all of the orders we are receiving. Our hope was that we would have been able to publish more content on our website and on our instagram.

Those of you who has ordered a nuxcase for the past 2-3 weeks, don’t worry! We are working as hard as we can to ship your cases as soon as possible and we have gotten past most of the production problems.

What we did not expect was that every order would be in the same color. Our supply that we had built up has not been enough to meet the demand.

During this time we have also made some smaller improvements to the nuxcase and our manufacturig process.

We believe that in just 1-2 months time we will be able to ship a case the same day as we get the order.

NOV 2 2018