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We have added a handle



A new handle


When we first introduced the nuxcase, people were amazed that we had a built in handle that easily could be folded into the case.

However there were a lot of problems with this handle and some time ago we decided to remove it.

But now we have decided to bring it back with all its glory and it has been redesigned to be able to function well in all conditions.

MARCH 3 2019

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New chassi design



A new design


Our ambition when creating the nuxcase was to make a chassi that was really appealing to look at, simple and affordable.

We recently removed the “chassi only” option from the website but we have since then improved our design and made the manufacturing process a lot easier and faster.

Therefore it is now possible to order complete desktop PC packages from us and a “empy” chassi for custom builds.

JAN 23 2019

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Removed chassi



We have removed the chassi


Our ambition when creating the nuxcase was to make it easier to own a desktop PC. Our workflow has been taking a lot of hits lately because of the “empty chassi” that could be purchased from us to make custom PC builds of your own.

Therefore it is now only possible to order a complete NUXCASE PC from us and not “just the case”.

When building our own PC’s we can make better customization for customers and improve cooling and other things of our own.

JAN 11 2019

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High demand


Many orders at the same time


We have worked really hard this past week to be able to catch up on all of the orders we are receiving. Our hope was that we would have been able to publish more content on our website and on our instagram.

Those of you who has ordered a nuxcase for the past 2-3 weeks, don’t worry! We are working as hard as we can to ship your cases as soon as possible and we have gotten past most of the production problems.

What we did not expect was that every order would be in the same color. Our supply that we had built up has not been enough to meet the demand.

During this time we have also made some smaller improvements to the nuxcase and our manufacturig process.

We believe that in just 1-2 months time we will be able to ship a case the same day as we get the order.

NOV 2 2018

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More content coming soon


More content coming soon


Our website is under heavy construction and more pictures (non-rendered) and other content will be uploaded to our website soon.

If you have any questions regarding shipping or our product do not hesitate to contact us on our contact page.

OCT 6 2018

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Right click problems on our website

Right click blocked on our website


We have had many customers complain on the fact that right clicking was disabled on our website. It was not our intention to do so but rather a security measure our IT-department had set up as default.

It has now been disabled so you should be able to copy text and information without problems!

SEP 16 2018