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After the reveal of the final product the public will be able to order the case but the delivery time will be around 4-5 months.

If you reserve a NUX case in beforehand you will be able to receive it within a month after confirming your order.

It helps us organize the orders and prepare your order in an early stage.

Also, it’s free to reserve a standard case!

(Only the signature edition will however include the extreme NUX Case with the better specifications.)

We believe in high quality and premium products.

If you reserve a signature case you will receive our highest quality product and you will be able to choose between options that won’t be available to others.

You will have the option to select see-trough panels (premium glass) that will make the case much more compelling to look at.

You will also have the option to customize what hardware you want to have in your NUX Case.

A token of appreciation will also be given to you since you decided to support us and be among the first ones to get the NUX Case.

We are still working on making the NUX Case even better and we do not want to show off the final product before the unveiling to the public.

The dimensions of the case represented on this page are final, however it is possible that the final product will be smaller than what it is represented on the webpage.

You should have received a mail confirming your payment.

Some time before the release to the public you will receive an invitation to design and order your Signature or limited edition NUX – depending on what you have chosen.

If you have not received any confirmation mail – Send your username and email to

If you want to cancel your order and get a refund – send a mail to

Send your username to